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Re: CPEO Part 3


hi thanks for your response. Seems like you have been thru a lot. The one surgeon I saw had similar concerns for me: corneal drying and ulcers etc. He said that a levator resction was not a choice for me cuz of the underlying muscle pathology. The second surgeon that I saw however said she only considered the amount of levator function when deciding what type of surgery to do and right now she would do a levator resection. I am supposed to follow up with her in a few months. You know even with how bad things are right now, I would not get the surgery if I knew that things wouldn't get worse. But knowing this disease, I know that my lids are only going to droop more and at some point I have to get the surgery. What's worse is that right now, my Left lid is affected much more than the right so cosmetically speaking it looks sooo bad. And I completely understand about the forehead straining---its awful, I also have to constantly look chin up to be able to see. Anway, I noticed that your location was listed as Illinois--I am from around Chicago--I hope you don't mind me asking where u are from in IL. Thanks for all your help.