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Thumbs up Lump Under the Breast(s)

Hello Doc/People

So I am going to the Doctor's today to see if my lump is serious.
Well first off, I can't feel the lump when I press on the nipple...
but, if I squeeze the nipple or pull the nipple skin out, I can feel it.
This is on both nipples. Could this be related to puberty, or my age?
I am going through puberty, and that is a definite.
Because I have hair under my armpits and by my private place. Any help?

SEX: Male
AGE: ( removed )


More Details:
No discharge, no blood, no flakey signs on nipple. Just a lump, nipple is NOT inverting either, my nipple looks fine. Just the lump is really scaring me

Also hoping for some good news to make me feel more confident of going to my GP! I also understand that there is a condition named "Gynocamestia" which is the enlarge of the breast tissue. Also I know that men do get ducts but, my mum has a lump under her nipple too, and I am quite scared for her. but she said she's had it for years. She said that it's ducts because I did get breat fed when I was a baby

I'm also coming herre for more details about this, searching didn't do much help. They were saying "BREAST CANCER, DEFINITELY BREAST CANCER" I was so scared, I almost collapsed. I can also post pics of my nipple and where I can feel the lump if you like, if it will help though.

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