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Re: I do have sinusitis, no treatment though?

I had a cold and then sinusitis, I was on 500mg amoxicillin for 7 days (3 a day) and I was so much better within 48 hours. I was feeling almost 100% over the weekend (I have also had a flu virus off my children so had alot of illness) but then the last 2 days I have noticed the side where I had the sinus infection (left) I now have a clicking noise behind the ear when I run down the stairs, jump or even go over bumps in the carand the left ear today has had a feeling of a balloon inflating then deflating. I have had this on and off all day today, so strange.

I had a really bad time with my ears just before the infection hit, when I just had the cold I was having lots of pressure in the ears but it was really bad where I couldn't hear properly, like I was under water and the pressure felt horrible especially when driving. I am not getting anything like that now just this horrible clicking and balloon feeling occasionally. I also have the odd pressure/niggly pain on the crown of my head on the left aswell.

I am now panicking that the sinus infection has not cleared up, despite me feeling alot better other than this pressure feeling. I can now breath freely, my nostrils are clear, no green or blood now from the nose, no fever.... A friend of mine said its normal to still have pressure for a while after a nasty infection but I am worrying a bit (yes thats me) the amoxicillin hasn't cleared it all.

I am steaming again and using my steroid spray.

Can anyone tell me if this is normal?I don't want to worry all over christmas, this is worrying me so much ( i worry about complications such as meningitis and abseses) and I don't want to spoil it for my children