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Re: My Recent PPH Surgery Experience

I've been reading everyone's comments on their PPH experience, and I've also looked at various other boards as well. I just had PPH surgery along with a sphincterotomy on Friday, December 12, 2008. The PPH was for 3d degree hemorrhoids and the sphincterotomy for a chronic fissure. I've had some degree of hemorrhoids for 13 years, with the 3rd degree for about the past 9 years. I had tried a surgery called DGU (Doppler Guided Ultrasound) in 2001 and that was completely useless. Because of my negative experience with that, I waited nearly 8 years to try something again.

I spoke with my c/r surgeon about surgery and he mentioned a few options. I actually brought up the idea about PPH, and he told me that he did not do it, but he would refer me to a surgeon with extensive experience. After an initial thorough consult, the new c/r surgeon that I went to see agreed that I was a good candidate for PPH. For clarification purposes, I should explain that my 3rd degree consisted of one prolapsed bunch of hemorrhoids along with the chronic fissure. To further complicate matters, I also have bouts of IBS.

Here's my experience so far:
Day 1: The hospital released me roughly 3 hours after surgery. The nurse let me go without me urinating. I felt quite a bit of pressure and discomfort. The painkillers helped. I still hadn't urinated 5 hours after I left the hospital, and I was starting to experience a lot of discomfort in my bladder. Finally, my wife took me to the ER where they had to insert a catheter (top 10 worse experiences of my life) and they were able to relieve the pressure.
I made them remove the catheter once I had drained. After coming home, I needed to literally stand in the shower and run hot water over my genitals every time I felt that I had to urinate...every time. That night, I was up about every hour urinating without the help of the shower. I took Oxycodone, Dulcolax, Colace and a psyllium powder

Day 2: I had my first bowel movement...very uncomfortable. My bowels were spasming before, during and after every bowel movement. I used the sitz bath religiously, sat in hot bathtubs, and continued to stand in the shower when I couldn't urinate on my own. The spasm were the worst part.
At this point, I was convinced I would still make it back to work on Monday.

Day 3: Not loving life, but not hating it. I was still taking pain killers, colace and dulcolax. I thought maybe that was what was causing the cramping and spasms, so I stopped the laxatives. Turns out I was only supposed to take them the first much for clear instructions. Still needed the hot shower to urinate at times, and still relied on sitz baths after every bowel movement. The one major issue with pain killers and this type of surgery is that pain killers inherently cause constipation...terrible combination! I realized this day that I would not be returning to work nearly as quickly as I thought.

Fast forward thru the next week...
Urgeny to have a bowel movement followed by nothing or barely nothing at all. This would happend all day long. This started happening less and less over the next several days. Urination went back to normal. Some normal bowel movements and some not so great. I think my IBS is playing a huge role in this recovery. Right now, my bowel movement are overall ok, but my mornings are not great all. I have to go, or try to go, 4-8 times over a 5 hour period. My rectal area aches for hours afterward. I feel better from about 2:30 PM on...I've had little or no blood in my stool. Tonight, 11 days later, I noticed some blood, but I wiped and there was no more.

My biggest accomplishment was driving from Philadelphia to Arlington, VA (3 hours) and back in the same day, 8 days after surgery. The morning down was not great b/c of what I just explained, but that night driving back felt pretty damn good. I've got a soft perenial pillow that really helps when it is needed.

I really think I am making progress. I have my 2 week follow up next Monday, December 28th (more than 2 weeks, but close enough). The biggest problems are those damn spasms and aches.

I hope this information was helpful.