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Re: Bone Spurs - MRI RESULTS

He does take hyrodcodone 10/500 with Kadaine. He was tried on Lyrica, but his CPK levels were our of wack, and the doctors got scared and took his off of it. He did say he could tell a little difference after he went off of it. The docs have tried all kinds of meds with him. He is afraid to go off of the pain meds, he thinks the burning will be more than he can stand. We live in the midwest and we go to Blessing Hospital in Quincy, Ill. I will say his pain doc is trying everything he can with him. After the trail for a pain pump, which was not successful, his surgeon told him that there was nothing more he could do for him. The surgeon told him that any more back suregery would only make him worse. He did a MRI of his lower back where he had done the lamintecomy (sp?)and he said that he had a lot of scar tissue. I do not know how he lives with it, I sure could not. I do not know how you do it either. My prayers are with you.