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Unknown Issue

Dear anybody that can help! I am so sorry to send you this long letter, but I am on the search for answers that is so hard to find. My mother has a problem that I think needs some medical attention. We have been to the Doctor about this issue time and time again only to have a label of OCD behavior, or Metal Illness. My mother's issues is that she has an odorless smell
that causes other people around her to cough, sniff, and choke even
become very ill. If sitting next to her for to long period of time it
makes you very ill. We have notice the smell is like a virus attacking
the other person's immunes system. I stuff from some chorine illness because every time I am in her presents I get core sores, pink eye, and my stomach gets a sharp pain, I get a runny nose, my brother and his wife said they eyes feel like they are inflamed. My husband runs to the bathroom with diarrhea, and his heart race really fast, both my sons must be treated for ear infections every time leaving her presents, they to get diarrhea, staph infections, and many other issue to say the less. Because so many people are becoming sick around her she wanting to go into isolation to eliminate outside contact. Grandmother die (September 3, 2008) of Cancer we were thinking maybe she would have
recover had she not spent so much time the week before with my mother.
However could this be some type of cancer? Although she seems pretty
healthy she thinks it the herpes virus, but I say it more that met the eye.

I find it insulting that Doctor from the University of Kansas (what I
consider to be one of the leading Research hospitals in the country)
down play her problem. One doctor suggested that it is mental problems,
but make no mistake about it I know my mother has no psychological
problems. She is a very strong and educated lady, retired for IRS
giving 32 years of service.
I am su
It's not a hygienic issue; and I can tell you, she is very hygenic. She brushes her teeth, shower, and wash her hair. Her feet smells fine, breath smells fine, I'm very tired and I am angry because Ihave worked hard for my mom looking for cause or help and get no where.

Fragrances spray (We have eliminated all Fragrances). People who sit behind
her usually leave the room immediately as possible due to they can't
breathe, or they have a coughing fit. What kind of odor problem can affect others breathing, and their healthy?

At one point my mother visited KU hospital and she asks to be contained
due to the issue, but again was told she is crazy. They stated "There is
no way that your body odor can cause others illness." When there has been no other report of metal illness how can they get away with saying this. One doctor called me and asked me a few questions said she will get back to me and never did. The doctors just don't have the answers so who can I call to request for help.

WHAT COULD THIS BE? Who do I need to contact for help? Do you think I can call National Security or Infectious disease? What do you think they would say if I
told them she is causing others to be ill? WE JUST WANT HELP!! Could
it be the foods she is eating causing the issue or is toxicities playing
a role in her issue? We thought even her house, but we have eliminated
and rule these out. People are affected outside of the home. Could it
be a homone, thyrod or diabetes undiagnosed problem?

Any help is needed. Thanks

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