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Re: Pregnant and just diagnosed with DS

I know the shock and apprehension you must be going through, but try to focus on the big picture. Your life won't change all that much, and they are very sweet, lovable children.

I was 23 when my son was born with DS, I was completely shocked. I just brought him home and went on as with any other child. There wasn't any difference in day to day life except when the bus came in the morning he went to a different school as the other kids. Big deal

I had a couple rough years with behavior problems, he hated going to school, but now that he's older that's behind us.

A couple stories:

One day we were sitting on the back porch as a storm was approaching, and we could hear the thunder getting closer and the sky was darkening, and all of a sudden he said "Uh oh" And I asked what was wrong. He said "Bee-ba, danger, putt putt" He was worried about his grandmother (bee-ba) being on the golf course (putt putt) during a thunderstorm!! He was 13 and had been evaluated with a mental age of 2 years 3 months, that doesn't sound like something a two year old would be thinking about, does it. Just because the communication isn't there, doesn't mean they aren't smart.

Another time I was out in the yard arguing with a drunken neighbor about her dog barking, she gave me the finger and her husband came out, turned around, bent over, and said kiss my a**. My son came over and took my hand and led me away from the fence without a word. He has more class in the tip of his little finger than both those "normal" people have put together. I'm extremely proud of him and hope he taught them something.

The day to day stuff isn't really all that different, we all live life one day at a time, right? Once the shock wears off, you will do fine.

My son is 35 now, and I'm so glad he's mine!