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Re: My Recent PPH Surgery Experience

I had my two week follow up yesterday. Everything seems pretty good.
The doctor said I have some slight swelling around the staple site, but everything felt good. He did a digital exam for this examination, b/c everything is still healing. When I go back in a month, he will use a scope to check it out.

I started taking straight Psyllium powder every night between 7:30 and 9:00 PM. This has made definitely made my mornings better. I now have to go 1-3 times in the morning depending, but the pain is barely there. There is a sense of urgency when I need to have a bowel movement approximately 30-60 minutes after I get up in the morning. When I go, it is fine. I stopped taking Colace (stool softener) b/c it didn't feel like it was helping me, but I hear it definitely works for a lot of people. When you have IBS, you have to experiment a littler, b/c there is nothing that is guaranteed to help. I heard there is a medicine that they can give people with IBS to help control the spasms, etc. I don't know what it is called though.

For those not happy with everything, is it possible to go see another doctor for their opinion?