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Re: Talked to my neurologist

hi Carol. Id love to know who your Neuro is (especially since we are in the same neck of the woods) however NO- with or without new symtoms, it doesnt mean you have a more progressive form of MS.

Its a really good sign that your doctor wants to keep watching you to see how you are adjusting to the meds (you just started Rebif, right?) and he wants to do an MRI to see if there is any new activity on it. My doc repeats my MRIs every 6 months!!

Symtoms come and go and during the first 6 months that you are on a drug, nothing is really conclusive....its what happens when you are on it for 6 full months that starts to paint a true picture of whether or not the drug is working for you. I think I told you, 4 months into me starting Rebif, I had the only terrible relapse ever- including optical nueritis- I was POSTIVE the drug wasnt working and they were going to take me off of it; however turns out that the drug was working, no more lesions showed and after that initial scare, Ive not had another relapse in 3+ years! And, I have one of the most stressful jobs I can think of!

Just do as your doctor says- and if you ever need a referral for a great MS Specialist, let me know. I have a really good one in Central Jersey- and a list of others (part of what I do for a living). I think its great that your doc is keeping close tabs on you!!! Let us know how the MRI goes..and try not to worry-
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