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Re: 2.5 yr old skinny mini

honestly,i had two boys who were so completley totally the opposite in everything,including that percentile? my first was always way skinny,but very healthy,but child # 2 was a bit chubby and bigger(broader shoulders and hips) than the norm in hieght and weight,always. from day one pretty much. they were like night and day in just about every way with the first basically almost dropping off the charts on the bottom,and the other(no kidding) almost off the charts on the top of the percentile just for height and weight, very crazy. you would have thought they would have been much more alike but no. the thing is,my oldest skinny guy would eat normally but he also had a non stop just had to do everything type of behavior too where the other child was much more laid back in that area? that does burn calories,quickly in children. as long as your child is not actually "losing' weight but maintaining it and everything else looks good,this is more than likely just 'his" normal,you know what i mean? eventually my older son,who is now 25 years old,did put on more weight and then of course as he got older,much more muscle mass. but he has always been healthy.

some kids just ARE skinny while others have a big weight problem to deal with. whats really important here is that your child is thriving and just a healthy normal kid,not so much his actual weight. one thing i would notice from time to time with the skinny child is he would have like eating 'bursts'? then he would have a growth spurt,but he just ate and ate everything he could get his hands on at various times while growing up. but he was a normal healthy kid according to his ped. he just took his metabolism more from my side where my mom always had a big problem just trying to actually gain weight? my other son took after his dads side where everyone is well over six feet tall and big shoulders,even his grandmother looked kind of like a line backer,lol. being healthy is really the important thing here. taking a good look at the familial aspects too may show some reasons for his being as skinny as he is right now. it will mostly change over time. i know my skinny son is totally normal now that he has grown up, still can eat anything and not put on weight tho. his brother IS still the opposite there tho.

i do hope this helped. just having a normal healthy kid is what you need to concentrate on,not weight too overly much or HE will start thinking something is wrong with him,you know what i mean? healthy is the key here not so much weight or height. unless things REALLY get abnormal,he is probably just fine. take care, marcia
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