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Re: Has anyone given up inhaled steroids & used Intal & ended up better?

It could be the steroids. I had never had any issues with depression until one of my meds was changed. I had been on Advair250 for several years until my insurance changed and I couldn't afford it and switched to Asmanex 2x day and Foradil. After a while I started having problems and became suicidal. When the pdocs I saw said that steroids cause depression a light went on for me. (Every pdoc I've seen has brought up my asthma meds as part of the problem) I had also recently had several rounds of prednisone. I'm sure I was struggling emotionally before this while trying to deal with other health issues, but I believe it was the meds that helped to push me over the edge. So I'm now on antidepressants and doing my best with the help of my friends.

Talk to his doctors. Sometimes they dismiss things because they only look at one problem at a time. If your family has a history of depression, I would think that the medications could increase the risk of it surfacing.

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