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Re: Numbness in fingers

the only time i actually felt this was when i actually had a problem inmy c spine that was affecting the nerves to my right hand. does that numbness actually include ALL of your fingers or is it always just certain ones? does it include your whole hand or just fingers alone. these are kind of important questions.

the thing is there is probably,given the numbness going on, "something" tho not too sure what yet,that IS affecting a nerve or nerves that go to your hand/fingers. the key here is to try and kind of track it back to the source. that could be up in that c spine area or it could be anywhere along the way specific nerves run down to your fingers. could be something like carpal tunnel syndrome(would belocated in that wrist area) or a herniation or bone spur in that c spine that is just irritating or actually compressing upon nerves somehow. it would just take some testing to find out where that compromise is located. i would seriously see your primary doc for an eval and a possible MRI done on that c spine or whatever other area he or she feels after your eval might be the problem area. thaea is another test called an EMG that can actually narrow down much better the area where the nerve flow starts to become impaired. you just need some testing that your doc can order for you to just find that source of impairment. it souldn't be too overly difficult to find that source with the right testing(it is either IN that c spine or simply down your arm somewhere). once you find out just what is actually casuing this,you kind of take your next steps from that. i do wish you luck in finding this. please keep me posted. **
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