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Re: Help! Can't get rid of sinus infection

Mucinex has a Mucinex Maximum. The DM us dextromethorphan and is for quieting cough it does nothing for the sinuses. There has been debate over making it a controlled substance because a lot of kids are using it to get high. So, yes, it will make you dizzy and may give you a slight boost before it knocks you out. You can also get a stronger expectorant from your doctor to loosen up your sinuses, but expectorant will eventually wear you out to and put you to sleep too. Try sleeping in a recliner or with lots of pillows. If you lay flat it just backs everything up into your head, more of an incline will keep things draining.

This sounds crazy, but the drainage will shifts sides. If you're congested on the right lay on you left side. If I'm awake when I do this I can usually feel it start to shift and then change back to my back - splits the pressure up and helps it drain.

My mother was the Queen of sinus problems. My sister was always worse than me until I moved south where things bloom all year round. But it's much better with the Neti Pot. I can be in the yard then come in and wash out my nasal passages.

Hope you feel better soon.