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Re: Hemorrhoid Advice

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Hello All,

I was searching tips and ideas to cure my hemorrhoid from last 1 and half years. I saw this forum and thought it's a good idea to share with you all and get some idea.
Well, I have internal and external hemorrhoid. I am controlling my carb intake. I am taking fiber, green vegetables, lots of water but also one or twice in a week my hemorrhoid gets painful and itching and bleeds as my stool passes. I noticed my stool is soft compared to one year before but also it hurt my internal hemorrhoid and I have a tough time.
I checked all teh hemorrhoid pictures online and found mine is small in size. It's slightly smaller than black eye bean. I don't know which tratment will be good??laser or surgery???

If anyone has advice or some suggestions --Please feel free to write it down for me.
I am in upstate,NY.

Please help me to get rid of this...embrassing thing
I have external and internal hemorroids, and went to see a Colon rectal surgeon, who has been brilliant.
My external droids are too small for surgery even though i can feel them, but he rubber banded the 3 internal ones over a period of 3 months and my bleeding has completely stopped.
I have been taking a small sip of Milk of Magnesuim before i go to bed to soften my stool for the morning and give my poor rectum a rest
I am going to try and change my diet to contain more fibre and stop reading in the toilet which unfortunately i love to do