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Re: Advice re GERD/Esophageal cancer symptoms

Hello, Phil

Just wanted to let you know "it is so hard to worry", it's just human nature I reckon. I've got bronchitis and need to have a hysterectomy, but will wait about 4-6 more weeks to be sure I am fully recovered, you know.

My husband has GERD, acid reflex and was about a week later diagnosed with a hiatel hernia, so all at the same time, wow you say. Yeah, that was "hard to swallow" for all of us. But the little things in our changes of lifestyle have made the big differences.

He's now on Prilosec for the rest of his life, no heavy lifting restrictions of course also. They did an upper Gi and sent off 4 biopsies from his stomach, thought he had "ulcers", tests came back no ulcers, just inflammation in the stomach wall. We must all trust God to interfere and to give the drs. his hands for these tests and for their
decisions to help us, but often thru it all "we must also help ourselves". Sometimes we are just doomed , doomed.

But we will get over it all. Each circumstance is different.
They also took a lot of stomach pictures, no cancer, thank God. That hiatel hernia will cause the esophageal trouble in the throat also.

I have just found out: and believe it or not: I have sinus polyps and nostril polyps (always have had sinus trouble with my asthma since age 2 diagnosed, now I am age 47),
well ct scan of sinuses also showed I have some throat
polyps, I would have to get a copy of the dr. report to tell you the name of the polyps but sometimes I also have some "swallowing trouble", but everythings "not cancer" our primary concern, of course. So we both are "leaving all else alone" and just being happy, being healthy, being together, praising God daily, daily as we walk with him".

May you feel better also and know that "Let Go and Let God" the name of a fabulous book at the library is available to all of us, I suggest you spread it to others as well. You also will enjoy it. May God bless you!

"The Lord has done great things for us,
we are filled with joy". Psalm 126:3