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Re: Missing my husband

I am glad you went back to work. I know how hard it had to be. Did you find it all surreal? I love my job and enjoy working but I didn;t realize that part of the happiness on my job was the fact that I had a happy marriage and a good partner. Now it is like I have to redefine myself and take on a whole new aspect to my identity. I am not Sal's wife anymore but just plain old me, steph.
My therapist recommended a grief counselor to me who called me right away. when I started crying on the phone and then apologized, she said that when you are in grief, your tears contain toxins and it is good to cry and release them otherwise they stay in your body. Wow, whether you believe that or not, it made me feel better and I hope it makes you feel better when you cry. It is so hard not to anyway. Sal would always tell me "One day at a time" and boy are these days the worst.