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Re: My symptoms + Lupus in Family...

Jaydee1217, Good morning. In your shoes, I'd see a rheumatologist. And I'd want him/her to start from scratch & review EVERYTHING. For example:

Confirm the psoriasis Dx. And if it IS definitely psoriasis, what kind? (I think there are different kinds. Maybe treatment varies somewhat?)

And if your "main" skin condition is NOT psoriasis, what is it???

If it's psoriasis, is it one aspect of some larger condition? For example, I've read that there are more than 100 types of arthritis alone, one being "psoriatic arthritis". (I'm NOT saying you have that! I only use this as an example of psoriasis being part & parcel of a broader condition.)

Or is the psoriasis (or whatever) *co-existing* with some other systemic condition, like lupus, etc.? (I say "systemic" because you obviously want an explanation for swollen lymph nodes, low-grade fevers, facial bumpiness, etc.)

Obviously I'm ONLY a patient & am only trying to convey what I'd hope to find in your next doctor. In addition to reviewing EVERYTHING, your specialist should take your family history & your own medical history as far back as you can provide. Should also redo all tests & send same to labs of his choice (the labs good rheumies use are better at doing such tests). Should refer you, as warranted, to other specialists of his choice (perhaps dermatologist, etc.)

I hope others here chip in with other thoughts & that you update us when you can. Meanwhile, I send my best wishes to you. Please keep at it, OK? Bye for now, Vee