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Re: Missing my husband

It is hard being at work and knowing that he is not there. And looking around and seeing things that I know he had a hand in doing. My husband was the security manager for our place of employment. The building we work in you have to be cleared by the government to work in. So everywhere you look you see things that he put in place. Its hard but in a way it makes feel a little closer to him because I know what his job meant to him. he loved his job and was dedicated to it wholeheartedly. He was also at work by 4 am in the morning nad would be there until 3;30pm. So when you walk through the building it is almost like being at home you see him everywhere. I miss him more and more everyday. Like you said I don't know who I am anymore. At work people I don't know, knows who I am "Tom's wife" . But now I am not sure who I am. I still want and always want to be Tom's wife. I love him and miss him more everyday. He was the best thing that ever happened to me.