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Re: Mold is making us sick???

This was real bad in my bath off of my bedroom..Aspergillus.. I just hate that Florida ia so ignorant on this. I have been in our new house for two years and no ER or hospital runs ..duhhhhhhhh go figure. Just thinking about this makes me so mad. I did have to go to he ER tho last Thur.. I caught this hacking virus everyone has ad it makes me scared just having the 1 lung to have this mess. Right now I am coughing my head off while writing you. They gave me some antibiotics but the cough lingers.
I just despartly want to find some people that have lived and gotten sick with mold and any lawyers or doctors that can help me show this stupid State that mold KILLS!! I made a run rea quick to the place I use to rent and the Slum lord is still renting out mine and 200 others in same shape and I can not get anyone to shut him down.. It is so sad to see these families living in death homes..
Thank you so much for your help.. If you hear of any other way to get this State to straighten up and take notice let me know
Have a very Blessed day
and yes the Holidays we made it thru lol.. Just glad they are over