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Possible Perilymph fistula from blowing nose?

On Dec. 23 I woke up with nasal symptoms, blew nose really hard, there was negative pressure in my rt. sinus, and my ear plugged. Nasal passage released very slowly, like a "squeeze". In the morning, ear plugged felt full, never reopened. Went to ENT 4 days later, was Dx'd with Sudden Hearing Loss (Loss of high tones, no infection or fluids) and put on high dose Prednisone. By day 9 I was crazy from the steroids, was hearing "R2D2" sounds (tinny buzzy awful!) from that ear, especially women's voices. Went to Dr. Timothy Hain in CHGO, who is, I think a guru in this field.

He thinks because of my knowing the moment it "happened" it is a baratrauma type of thing, and possibly a tear of the round or oval window membrane. I have had minor, VERY minor unbalace issues, not really vertigo.

I'm to see him in 2 weeks for more tests, then on to a surgeon for evaluation.He took me OFF steroids (Said it's not SHL, thus won't help and I wasn't tolerating them).

I still have this terrible fullness, even down my neck....hearing is muffled greatly, altho the buzzy sounds have diminished.

Feeling so hopeless about this. How could I do this to myself just blowing my nose! Has anyone had a similar experience, and been diagnosed with a window tear?

Any opinions welcome.

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