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Re: Anyone with Chronic idiopathic nausea?

Hi there,

This may be long, so bear with me!

Unfortunately I havent noticed anything that worsens the symptoms, no sleep or temperature influences, like you have. For me it is slightly worse under stress, and due to this if i have an important event coming up, I find that the anxiety about not feeling nauseous often worsens the nausea.

I live on metoclopramide, for me it is a life saver, I wouldnt be able to function with out it, and I have suffered no side effects at all. I have been taking it daily for three years. I am not depressed, and the amitriptyline is not for depression, but as an experiment to control the nausea. They give it to people with CVS, and I have found that it seems to be improving the situation. My doctor thinks I have a chemical imbalence in the brain which is causing the nausea and something in the Ami seems to block the nausea center in the brain, theyre not sure how, as it is not widely understood yet how it all works.
The zofran for me is a rescue remedy, and i only use it if I have severe nausea and I simply must go out, work, am about to throw up etc. I very rarely throw up, almost never. I highly recommend it as a last resort, but I use it sparingly because it is so expensive, I have to pay about 15$ per disolvable tablet, and thats with insurance.
Without these medications I would be nauseous from the moment I wake to the moment I go to sleep.

For me too, there is no obvious dietary cause, or food component. I have followed a range of elimination diets to no avail. I do find however, that it can sometimes be worse when I have an empty stomach and if I wake in the night I will try to have a small snack, piece of bread, biscuit or something, to stop me from being too empty when I wake.
With the supplements etc, there doesnt seem to be anything that helps, I have tried large assortments and combinations over the years.
I do have other medical problems, Im hypothyroid, suffer from anemia ( not being able to eat enough due to the nausea), meckels diverticulum, and colitis on and off, all of which are thought to have no relation to the nausea, most of which began after the nausea, and the doctor thinks they are a result of not eating for so long. (apart from the meckels with is a congenital defect)

I too, like my doctor, am convinced this is a chemical problem and not a physical or psychological problem. This is the route we are pursueing and it seems to be working.
The ami really has improved things and now I only usually have bursts of nausea through the day and not all day, I can usually control these some what with the meto or the zofran, and I am actually hungry and can eat with regularity. I know this drug (ami) is patricularly bad for side effects in a lot of people but I have been very lucky and have not really suffered. It can be quite sedating for some, but for me, I take it in the evening before bed, so it actually helps me sleep. The only side effect I have is dry mouth which I feel is a small price to pay!!! I am willing to try anything, as relentless nausea is a terrible thing to have.

I seem to have rambled on for ages. Its finally nice to be able to share this with someone who is going through the same thing.