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Lightbulb Post Tonsillectomy: coughing, hiccups, severe ear pain!! HELP!

Hi everyone,

So, I've been reading through a lot of these posts and they all seem to be very helpful, but none have quite answered/addressed all of my problems and I was wondering if anyone had any advice. I had my tonsillectomy on Tuesday and today is Sunday--so 6 days post-op and figures I can't get in touch with a doctor today!

I'm at the stage where I assume I'm scabbing--I was told there would be white on the back of my throat, which there is, but it's definitely much more on one side than the other. Anyone else notice this? Also, whatever that may be back there is bothering me so badly! Yesterday I took to putting water in my mouth, tossing my head back and then letting the water fall out--no gargling, no spitting--and chunks of nastiness were coming out (I'll leave it at that!). Again, anyone else see this??

So the pain in my throat I guess isn't as bad anymore, it's just everything else that's making me want to swallow the entire bottle of pain meds at once. From the beginning, they changed my dosage to take meds every hour and a half, and honestly if I go more than that time without taking meds the EAR PAIN is so severe! Any suggestions on how to make my ears feel better BESIDES heat??

Coughing and hiccuping--are they related?? And why do I have both uncontrollably!!! If hiccuping is caused by lack of eating, then I know that's the problem (I've pretty much eaten only ice chips because everything else kills), but if not then HELP! Also, how do you "avoid coughing"??? So many posts say to avoid it, but I find that pretty much impossible.

I know this is a lot, but I would greatly appreciate any help I could get!

Thanks so much!

Oh wait...I HAVE to fly next Saturday (almost 2 weeks post-op), has anyone flown so soon after surgery and did it have any affect on you??


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