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OCD, depression, and social security

Hi im new to these boards so bare with me. Heres my quick back story.

I have suffered from anxiety and depression my whole life. Starting when I was ten would get panic attacks for no reason. I had to be put on anxiety meds to help get rid of them. eventually I just learned how to work my way through them. High school was normal teen angst, still on meds, saw a shrink through my school system. Blah blah blah more of the same. Early twentys was married had a daughter. still on meds see shrink more, get divorced. Mid to late twentys diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, blah blah blah. I have always had a job back to when I was fourteen. Only time of my life I didnt have a job was a year after I had my daughter and whet to college full time. Good job history always stayed at jobs for long periods of time and did a great job at them. My last real job started in 2001 I was recruited for a store manager job at a major retail store and was there for five years. I got married again and we had a son. During my pregnancy I pretty much had a major meltdown and couldnt work the last three months of my pregnancy. Finally after my maternity leave was over I was able to work about nine months before I had another breakdown. So I quit my job to be at home. We couldnt afford to live in our house ended up giving it up to the bank and moving in with my parents. Eventually my parents bought a big house for us all to live in, thank god for that or I dont know what would have happened to us. I have tried four differant jobs since quiting just trying to make some cash for my family. After being there for weeks to a few months I always end up having another breakdown, quiting and then getting my brain working again and going through the cycle again. I just had a evaluation through the clinic I attend and was diagnosed with major OCD, anxiety, depression and major agoraphobia.. No kidding, you think, though the agoraphobia is a new one to me!!! My shrink tells me I just need to forget about trying to work because it causes to much stess. So thats it im sure im forgeting something.
Ive been told by family I should apply for SSdisablilty but im afraid of being denied and being to ocd, stressed about it causing another episode.
Do they accept these types of behaviors. IM so confused. Help!!!

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