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Re: Burning skin associcated with possible sjogren's syndrome

I also have burning skin. My face, my arms and my feet are usually very red. I am also very warm and cannot tolerate temperatures over about 65 degrees or I begin feeling like I am going to pass out from the heat. I have the symptoms of Sjogrens, like the dry eyes, mouth and skin, but so far my blood work does not show anything. Right now, both of my salivary glands are so swollen and painful, I can't even touch a pillow without taking a pain med. I look like I have half of a grapefruit in one or both sides of my face, depending on what time of day it is. I have been running a temperature off and on this week, and all I've been told is that I may have an infection in the glands and I've started antibiotics. Sure wish I knew what was going on! I'm feeling sad today, because the Dr. just said there isn't anything they can do for me.