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Re: I can't do TODAY

There was a time i couldn't live my bathroom which I thought was a good choice because it was less messy when you had to go. I would sit in the tub fully clothed and cry about everything. I thought that it was just about the safest place on earth because that's where youre supposed to go in a tornado.

Eventually I released my tub obsession was unhealthy so I changed tactics I started to actually take a bath and use all sorts of yummy bubbles. I found ways to be adventurous like taking a book in and trying to not get it wet or having my dog sit on the floor next to the tub. They have special dogs for people who have ptsd maybe you should look into that.

With a house there are all sorts of ways to be adventurous, maybe start a garden in the yard or your windowsill. In small ways you will have to leave your house for supplies but you will be doing it to build your own sanctuary. Hope that helps.