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Re: My Son is Sick

Your post brought tears to my eyes.

I can relate to what your son has gone through. When I was hospitalized in 2006 for a severe manic/psychotic episode, I was forcibly restrained by 6 people who held my arms and legs as they administered an antipsychotic injection against my will. They had NO right to do that to me even if I was extremely combative and actively hallucinating. Nurses also came into my room without permission and one morning entered my bathroom as I was getting dressed in order to inform me that it was time to take my meds. The last negative experience I had during that hospitalization was when a nurse started kicking the side of my bed to wake me up. I have bilateral cochlear implants and am totally deaf without them, so the only way someone can get my attention is to gently touch me on my arm or shoulder. Instead of doing that, the nurse angrily kicked my bed and never apologized for it even after I complained to the rest of the nursing staff.

Last month (thanks to the recommendation of a pdoc I saw) I was hospitalized at a different psychiatric facility who treated me extremely well. The ER staff was also very understanding and compassionate.

I've decided that when I need to be inpatient again, I will attend that hospital instead because I never want to be treated like a second class citizen like I was in 2006.

Just because we have mental illness does not mean we are less than human or do not deserve respect and dignity. Why can't people (especially those in the mental health field) understand that?

Again, I'm very sorry for what your son has gone through.

Is there another hospital in your area he could attend if he needs to go inpatient again?

If I were you, I would definitely file a complaint against the staff of that hospital. They were completely out of line and had no right to treat your son that way.
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