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Re: Burning skin associcated with possible sjogren's syndrome

Dear JBB2, thanks for your reply. I am not a medic but your symptoms sound very much like Sjogren's to me, especially the swollen salivary glands. My mouth isn't a great problem and I just need to keep sipping water. I find the skin the hardest thing to tolerate as it is hard to find any clothing that is comfortable to wear and seams on clothing chafe the skin. I, too, have had lots of bloodwork done (last week, in fact) from a rheumatology and neurology point of view and am awaiting the results but I am not hopeful. I find resting makes things settle down a bit but this is not always possible. Are there any Sjogren's Syndrome support groups in your area? Other people with the disease often have knowledge and tips to give you. I wish you well and hope that you get a diagnosis for whatever it is or find ways to alleviating the symptoms.