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Re: Possible Perilymph fistula from blowing nose?

I've had this as well, but due to also having Meniere's I really wasn't aware of it. Meniere's causes a feeling of pressure to build in the ears, and I was in the habit of attempting to clear out my ears by holding my nose and blowing. I knew exactly when I really messed up when I heard a strange "giving" sound, but I got intensely dizzy.

When I went in for surgery to implant a shunt for the Meniere's, the surgeon also found the tear at that time and patched it. It may have healed on its own, but I have constant pressure in my ears, so I sort of doubt that.

But yes, though more rare, one can certainly tear a small hole in the ear canal by strong blowing of the nose, heavy lifting, straining, even intense air pressure in an airplane. They can heal on their own, but sometimes not. Hopefully, bedrest is all you will need. Ear surgery is not fun.