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Re: Possible Perilymph fistula from blowing nose?

Thank you both for your response. I feel a bit hopeful that recovery is possible from this. Xtine I AM seeing Dr. Hain in Chicago, who seems to have written the book on a lot of this stuff. Interesting, even tho' his website says so and other sites do as well, he did not suggest bedrest for me...just to take it easy, no lifting, no exercise. So that's what I've been doing. My distorted, buzzy sounds are gone, and the pressure fullness is less today than it's been! It's always worse in the morning, then the more I'm up and walking around it this time of night it's pretty good. I strongly sense that it's fluid related...I've been trying to massage it all downwards to see if I can't facilitate moving the fluid a bit. The muffled hearing is still there, however, I don't have the vertigo that many people have.

I am taking Flavonoids, antihistimines, and Musinex....I feel that the virus I had that caused all the nose blowing is finally leaving my head and I'm getting a better idea of what I'm left with. Probably diminished hearing by about a third in that right ear. Do you think since all the symptoms are better that it's healing and I might get some of my hearing back?

I feel SO STUPID for having done this to myself. I'm 60, for heavens' sake, and should know not to blow so hard! I don't know what tests I'll have on Tues....but the next appt. after that is with a surgeon. I thought surgery had to be done fairly early on in order to help.

Thanks so much for's good not to feel so alone in this!