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Re: YAZ users - ???

Originally Posted by savemeplease View Post
Hey Arelias, I'm really glad it made you feel better. I know during the first 2 months that's all I really need to hear. I eat really healthy too because I've noticed when I eat sugar and unhealthy foods I break out on my back and chest. My food intake doesn't control my face as much since it seems to be mainly hormonal. I had taken a saliva test that showed my hormones to be way off balance. That's probably why all those other products you used failed to work, because they can't balance out you hormones. So i really think Yaz should do the trick for you. Let me know how it goes for you I wish you the best.

Yeaaaa, I know, I've began to realize that my acne is hormonal because I've tried everything. I'm just sick of it! SO hopefully I can make it through this month and see improvements real soon. I cured my chest acne using Neutrogena body wash with 2% salicylic acid and I put 5% benzoyl peroxide. it worked like a charm.. i still have some bacne and I'm hoping my back and face will clear as the YAZ kicks in. Thanks so much, I will let you know. thanks again.