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Oral steroids w/out antiobiotics for chronic sinusitis?

Has anyone ever been prescribed a short course of oral corticosteroids alone (no antibiotics) for chronic sinusitis? After taking a look at me, my ENT saw a lot of inflammation but little sign of infection. He was reluctant to prescribe antibiotics without a clear indication, since, when this started in December, I had a bad GI reaction to the Omnicef he prescribed and had to stop taking it. So he prescribed oral steroids for 6 days, along with continuing use of a nasal steroid spray.
This is my first experience with chronic sinusitis (diagnosed by CT - mild chronic pansinusitis), and I am a tad confused over this whole thing. Most websites indicate the use of antibiotics or antibiotics and steroids for chronic sinusitis, and I havent seen anything on the use of steroids alone. I have a little worry about the steroids making any underlying infection worse, but, on the other hand, I want to avoid antibiotics unless they are ABSOLUTELY necessary, given my last experience. Any thoughts/comments would be much appreciated - this board has been a lot of help already!

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