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Re: Oral steroids w/out antiobiotics for chronic sinusitis?

Hey Doly:

You seem pretty knowledgeable on the subject. I am going thru this the first time but it has been since November. So If I only have mostly White with some yellow that probably is not an infection. I finshed 6 weeks of 2 different antibiotics a week ago. He kept me on Astellin 2 times a day, neti-pot, steam as he said there was still a lot of congestion. He wanted to re-run a CT in like 2 months to see how I progressed. First CT scan showed Para Sinusitis. I have a follow up in 10 days

I do still feel a little fatigued but I was on antibiotics for a 6 to 8 weeks and steroids 2 times for 5 days

Any advice would be appreciated