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Re: Oral steroids w/out antiobiotics for chronic sinusitis?

My ENT's advice was almost identical to yours - all you can do is manage the symptoms and try to head infections off with the nasal irrigation, humidifiers, etc.
There are some other things you can do. The biggest challenge in dealing with chronic sinusitis is trying to get a handle on what's causing it and dealing with the underlying cause, which is usually allergies, acid reflux, some kind of chemical/environmental irritant, or an immune disorder.

You might want to see an allergist/immunologist to get tested for allergies (they'll often do a blood test to make sure that you don't have an immune system imbalance as well). If you have any kind of acid reflux it's really important to aggressively treat that as well.

Getting the underlying cause under control medically can really help you head off infections and keep the sinusitis from becoming more serious.

By the way, the steroids without antibiotics are very common and the dosage and length of time you take them typically aren't enough to impact your immune system so it's extremely unlikely that a short course of steroids would cause a bacterial infection to worse. Taking the steroids to get the inflammation under control should help your sinuses to function more normally.