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Re: Bladder pain

IC is the pitts! I had a long bout with it some years ago. Kirstee gave a wonderful response relevant to it all. Does a heating pad to your lower abdominal area or lower back help at all? The cystiscope (sp) test is a good recommendation so as to be sure what is going on up there. If I remember correctly, some docs will give you valium before the test. I know they did before proctoscope tests so I am wondering/hoping they do relevant to the cysto.? My heart goes out to anyone that suffers with IC. It IS very painful and seems to last forever. As for pain meds, are there any pain management clinics in your area? Hopefully, you can find one or a doc that will listen and treat your Fibro properly. Is is VERY painful a lot of the time and help is needed. I take extra strength over the counter tylenol at times....dosen't do much tho. Tylenol not good for liver either. I have hereditary liver disease so am not allowed to take many of the meds that could bring me pain relief...can't take sleeping pills, pain pills, nerve sucks. Blessings/hugs.