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Originally Posted by djl View Post
I was just dx with a "Fatty Liver" by an MRI.
Yes, I could stand to loose a few pounds no doubt, I do not drink, quit smoking 5-6 months ago, have high cholesterol, Bad cholesterol is high, good cholesterol is low, was on Lipitor a few years ago for a short period of time. I had a severe reaction was taken off. Was put on Crestor. Did not stick to the program like I should of. Went back on Crestor about 8 months ago possibly having side effects of this med" symptoms: Pain ain chest right and left side (heart was ruled out), muscle pains through out body including my upper and lower back on and off, fatigue on and off, Joint pain (but that started before going on the Crestor) memory issues .trying to rule out Crestor as we speek. Doc wants me off of it for a while.

Family history: Father: Fatty Liver
Sister: Spot on Liver (nothing to worry about)
Uncle (dads brother) Cirrosis of the Liver

Is this hereditary??
Whats the best way treat this?
Also, is this considered a Liver Disorder where I should be concerned about certain meds such as Estrogen that I am on?

Thanks !!

Fatty Liver and Cirrhosis is not inherited. Fatty Liver can be a symptom or the beginning of another liver disorder. Your history of high Cholesterol is problematic. You didn't mention Triglycerides.
No matter what the primary dx, your diet is a large factor in your every day mental and physical health.
Your medication can certainly be a factor in joint pains and muscle pains and even heart problems. But so can liver disease or Peripheral Arterial Disease.
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