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Re: Dizziness/Vertigo - Is your's worse pre-period?

Originally Posted by DizzieBlonde View Post
I've been suffering chronic dizziness and vertigo for six years now. At present I notice that I am more prone to dizzy spells, feeling more unwell, more tired, and more visual disturbances pre-period. Simply said, everything gets just that little bit worse. I have also started to notice that a few other women are mentioning this too.

I was wondering if any gals have bought this up with their DR/Specialist and what has been said about it.

Just a note, I've been tested for Meniere's Disease and at last check that was all clear!
Hello DizzieBlonde,
I also have been suffering with vertigo since 1980. My vertigo is not the spinning or feeling light headed. Mine is a vision jumpiness. My eyes don't move but everything I see moves. Even when my eyes are closed there is movement. Mine started when I had a very severe case of the flu. I've been to over 50 Drs. with this. Only one has even tryed to diagnose me and treat me like I wasn't crazy. Because my symtoms sound crazy. My vision jumpiness has never left me and I also got ringing in my ears (tinnitus) at the same time. But there are times that it gets so bad that I'm homebound and can't drive. Even when my husband drives me, I usually have to close my eyes because it feels like the road is moving and the car is sitting still. The Neuro-Opthamologist I saw several years ago was an excellent Dr. I started telling him all of my weird symptoms and he said stop--I'm going to tell you the rest. And he did. I was so thankful to God for him. He said this virus attacked the nerve center and did alot of damage to about 100 patients that he had seen. This is strange--he called it "Shopping Cart Syndrome"--because when we would go shopping it fells like the aisle's on each side are moving the opposite way that you are. I hate to go shopping now and I can't when the episodes are severe. Also when this is real bad, I have extreme fatigue and feel really bad--also nausea and just alot of strange visual problems. He gave me medication that helped for 6 mths. but then it didn't help anymore. I feel for you--I've had all the tests at least 2 times and some of them 3 times and nothing ever showed up. It's very frustrating. I haven't found anything that has helped much except prednisone and now it has caused alot of problems with my health--so I will never take it again. I pray that you find something that will help--but please be careful and wise about medications. precious49 God Bless You and Yours Today and EveryDay