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Re: Dizziness/Vertigo - Is your's worse pre-period?

Yes, I am blessed to live in Aust, we are very close to the beach and as I have been getting some strength back (I go to physiotherapy too!) I have been walking in nice weather for about 40 minutes a day for the last two weeks.

Ironically we are told in Aust, to Slip (on sunscreen), Slop(on a shirt), Slap(on a hat), to avoid sun exposure, so that could cause a Vit D deficiency plus I also just read a study that thinks that if you carry extra weight it's stopping the Vit D from being released into the body (Vit D is a fat soluable, so that makes some sense). However I'm not too overweight

Plus I also saw something on Ophra, when Dr Oz was on for the Best Life Week, that connected Vit D, C-Reactive Protien (an inflamation marker), and autoimmune disorders.

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