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Re: Dizziness/Vertigo - Is your's worse pre-period?

Good Morning, (well, at least it is here )
Walking is just the best exercise and you get to enjoy God's creation. I've started my exercise again. I've been doing it to Celion Dions'-One Heart. I started with just the 1st 3 songs now I'm doing 5. My husband would leave me for her.
Now, I understand about the Vit D. I saw something on the news about people here having that problem. That's cute about--Slip, Slop, Slap.
My Dr. keeps thinking that my problem might be an autoimmune disorder. I've been dealing with it so long that I don't even care if we find a name for it--I just want it gone. Several good things have come with it though--I've learned to truly depend on God and I've met alot of really good people on this site--And now a beautiful one from Australia--If I hadn't had all my illness, I wouldn't be as informed and am still learning. And when I ask someone how they feel--I really mean it and I really listen to what they are saying.
Thanks for the info on Dr. Oz. I really like him but I don't watch much TV when I'm feeling better. When I'm really sick--TV is about all I do. For 2 and 1/2 yrs. I was pretty much homebound until Sept. 08'. That's the longest that an episode has lasted--If I didn't know the Lord as my Savior and have an absolutely marvelous husband--I would have killed myself--I had no energy at all. Taking a shower was a horrible chore for me. I mainly would use a washcloth and wash my hair in the sink. I hated that I had to do that. It had never been that bad before. And I've never been faced with the deep depression that I experienced. Sometimes I would feel like I was on an island with no one around and no one that understood. Have you noticed that there are so many wierd illness' now? I think that we are killing this earth But I'm trying in every little way to do my part in making it better. Hope you have a good day and a long walk on the beach precious49 God Bless You and Yours Today and EveryDay

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