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Long time in bthrm but not constipated

Now this question is really embarrasing and I was hoping I'd find the answer to it in the archives but no such luck.
For about the past 5 or 6 years I have had to spend a long time on the toilet rather obsessively emptying myself until I have not an inkling of sensation that there is anything left. At first I sit relaxed but then I found that leaning my intestinal region on my arm speeds things up. I finish up by using a warm water anal "douche" (Not enema because it's more localized)
I am not constipated but I do have an incredibly long process and normally I don't have to "go" again til the next day.
Also, I don't consume large quanties of food. So could it be that I have an overbearing bile duct?
and as a last question--what is the normal amount of time to spend on the toilet for a b.m.? I can take up to, and often do, an hour.

I hope my friends here can help me figure out a way to get my visits down to just a half an hour.

Thanks so much!

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