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Re: It started at 16

Originally Posted by Suzann View Post
My daughter is twenty-seven years old. She functioned much as any child up until she started her periods, at eleven -then things changed..once outgoing, a chatterbox, she withdrew, little by little into her own world. My daughter now has her imaginary friends that she continuously talks to, sometimes non-stop. She interacts with few people, and has a very short attention span. She will laugh and talk, sometimes all night long. I have also noticed that lately when she is involved with her talking, she seems to tune everyone out...including me!
I had wondered so many times down through the years if other children did this. Now I know they do.
The latest thing I have checked into is the dual diagnosis of Autism and Down's. I had never heard of this until our local parent group put out an article and had a meeting about it. I have attended one meeting with our local Down's Syndrome Guild group. All the parent's had children under 10 except one man whose son was 21. All the parents of the younger children already had the dual diagnosis of Autism and Down's. On the list of characteristics for autism, I would say out of about 15 listed, my daughter would only have maybe three, but the withdrawal from reality, which is definitely a characteristic of autism from the beginning, is what happened to my daughter at 16. Before that she was as normal as you can imagine for a Down's child. Happy, outgoing, talked spontaneously, (and her speech, when she talks is very good), participated in lots of activities, did well in school, etc. Since this happened, she still goes to activities, but I wouldn't say she actually participates. She is just there, and things are happening around her, most of which she doesn't react to very much. I am taking her to a new phychiatrist next Monday as I was not happy at all with the first one. Our supposed 50 minute appointment lasted 10 minutes. He did suggest that maybe she was Austistic, but couldn't answer the question I asked him of ever hearing of someone developing Autism at 16. He said maybe I just didn't notice these strange symptoms for the first 16 years. How rediculous is that? I was a stay at home mom, I would have noticed!!! I even had many friends and relatives ask me what was going on with her when this first started at 16. If friends and relatives never noticed anything, nor did I, before 16, then I am pretty sure it isn't Autism, but I am checking out all avenues. I am still going to persue the sleep apnea thing, and hope to have the sleep test for her early next month.