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I had that most of my life. I was extremely shy. Extremely insecure. I thought i was the most abominable creature on earth - ugly, stupid and all. I had lots of problems with anxiety (general anxiety disorder) and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). So, my life was miserable. Things changed when i had nothing to lose, i had been home alone most of the time so i just said "F*** off". And went outside and did my things. Suffering, feeling lonely and insecure, but did it. With time, i got better. I watched that film "Anna and the King" with Judi Foster and a guy in there says "Life is suffering" and i just tough that was meant for me. Silly comment, i know. Anyway, the more you face your fears the better you get. You should consult with a pshycologist, that may help. Medicines like anti-deprassants help too, but takes some time. Now i consider myself a rasonably shy person, but definetly NOT a social phobic.