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Bioidentical Hormones

Hi all-

Is anyone here taking bioidentical hormones for peri or menopause and if so which brand names are you using? Or do you have a compounding pharmacy make a specific formula for you only, with a Dr's rx?

I am 51 now and had my ovaries out 2 yrs ago, for another health problem, and so to say the least, I am suffering alot with almost all the usual menopausal symptoms. I have been reading bioidenticals are completely different than synthetic and work better and are safer since they match what we make naturally. - Oprah had a show about it last wk.

So, I am seeing a Dr. in Feb to see about bioidenticals and wondered if others have tried them? My blood and saliva tests are showing, I am low in all hormones, which of course, I figured. - estrogen/progesterone/ testosterone.
ALL 3 are really important for a women's health, so I read.

Any input appreciated!

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