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Re: Dizziness/Vertigo - Is your's worse pre-period?

Originally Posted by DizzieBlonde View Post
Boy, I've just read your post - it can be so very hard to keep positive when one is ill. Two years of being housebound, that circumstance alone can bring on depression, life changes in a way we don't want it too or expect. You have obviously found great strength to keep you going through this time.
I have been watching a bit of TV lately, it's school holidays, so I sneak into the bedroom for a rest, and I saw something else on Ophra I liked. They were having a spiritual discussion and the lady on the panel said some thing like: We are not confronted with circumstances we cannot handle, and when we are faced with them we should think of the internal strength/characteristic (eg: courage/kindness) we need to enhance that will help us through our difficult time. And if we do we are able to grow. Wow, what a great philosophy!

I have an interest in sociology, so yes I have noticed that 'illnesses' have changed, historically this happens quite often as society changes and we 'adapt' to the new environment, like the industrial revolution. And we certainly didn't see video game addiction boot camps 10 years ago! Would make a good book, hey!
Good Morning DizzieBlonde,
You are right about how hard it is to keep positive when you are very ill. I don't ever have a problem with it until I get housebound. And yes, I do have great strength in the Lord. That quote from the Ophra show is very good. My favorite thing to say is "If I can't fix it and God won't--Forget about it". I just don't worry over things that I can't change. And this virus that attacked me in 1980 has taken its toll on me at times--But with God's help and a supportive husband and family--I always make it through the bad times and I usually do learn alot about myself and others.
Well, get busy and write your book I've actually wanted to write a couple of books and one of these days--I will. My problem is that when I'm having one of my episodes and I'm homebound and would have the time--I can't get on the computer because my vision is so jumpy and it's impossible to look at the computer screen. And right now I'm so busy making up for things that should have been done--Well, I'm just really busy BUT I'm not complaining at all--I LOVE IT !!! I'm just so thankful for this site and I'm thankful for you!!! precious49 God Bless You and Yours Today and EveryDay
PS--Hope you have a great school holiday