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Re: Dizziness/Vertigo - Is your's worse pre-period?

Ah yes I understand, in the early time of my balance disorder I couldn't get up out of bed (five min max to go to the loo). I still get quite alot of visual disturbances too. As time has progressed I can certainly get around better, but sometimes just can't and have to stay in bed - no choice. I have to be carefull everyday how I move around as I can provoke an episode, and I've had to sleep elevated for six years now.

Luckily if I have an episode outside of the normal daily thing it tends to be around for one day and I feel confident it will pass fairly quickly, so I just go with it. Sounds bad, but I really do very well, and graduated from College (as a mature aged student) in 2007!

It's been so hot here today but I can see a thunder storm rolling in - whew!