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Question Doctor says labs are normal- are they?

I would appreciate any help anyone could give- I've been feeling lousy for way too long. I called my Doctor & got my results from my last 3 blood draws. For some reason there are no FT3 results even though I take T3 medication.

May 2008- Thyrolar 1 (Synthetic T4/T3)
TSH- 1.52
FT4- 0.49 (0.58-1.64)

After this result the doctor's office called and said my T4 was low & they wanted to start me on medicine if I wasn't on it already. When I said that I was taking medicine, the doctor said never mind & to stay on the dose I was on.

August 2008- Thyrolar 1 (Synthetic T4/T3)
TSH- 1.12
FT4- 0.97 (0.8- 1.8) Not sure why ranges are different
Total T3- 115 (97-219)

Goofed up the October blood draw- took my Synthroid & Cytomel about 2 hours before the test.

October 2008- Synthroid 88mcgs & Cytomel 12mcgs
TSH- 0.35
FT4- 0.71 (0.58- 1.64)

I have been feeling progressively worse & worse. I am only in my mid-20s & shouldn't feel this way! Some of my symptoms are:

Extreme fatigue- sleep 12 hours & can't make it through day
Cold all the time- fingernails turn bluish when house is 70 degrees
Losing lots of eyebrow hair & eyelashes
Very dry skin
Severe pms
Painful periods that abruptly stop
Slow thinking- brain feels frozen- can't think
Memory problems
Abdominal bloating
Bad acne- even along my hairline & scalp
Low mood
No energy
Weight gain- 25lbs in 8 months
Slow reflexes
Heart burn & acid reflux at night
Dark hairs on chin
Excessive hunger- eat big bowl of oatmeal before bed & wake up in 2-3 hours starving

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