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Re: Doctor says labs are normal- are they?

Dito on FinnMaid.

You are being under treated and need more thyroid medication. OPTIMAL is 50-80% of normal range for a woman of child bearing age and blood chemistry.

May 2008- Thyrolar 1 (Synthetic T4/T3)
TSH- 1.52
FT4- 0.49 (0.58-1.64)

Your Ft4 level is in the tank and your MD said continue on your meds with out a dose increase? What? You need a new MD. What is your current medication level?

August 2008- Thyrolar 1 (Synthetic T4/T3)
TSH- 1.12
FT4- 0.97 (0.8- 1.8) Ranges vary depending on lab and analytical technique applied to get the results. There are three main methods for determining FT4 levels resulting in three different lab ranges. You are 17% of normal range here. You need to be 50-80% of normal to be optimal in range. You are still hypothyroid.

Total T3- 115 (97-219) There is a 20+% error in the total T3 and T4 tests. You need the FT3 to be sure where your T3 levels are with in +/- 5%. You are 14.75% of normal range here. This is too low as well. You need more thyroid supplementation DESPITE the suppressed normal TSH. DO not let a TSH watcher determine you are normal given your symptom set!

Your TSH is suppressed in the T3 medication. Thus it should be tossed out and ignored. You have to focus on your Ft3 and FT4 levels. Any MD who knows anything about thyroid supplementation SHOULD KNOW THIS AND FOLLOW IT!

Goofed up the October blood draw- took my Synthroid & Cytomel about 2 hours before the test.
This may have caused a temporary spike in your Ft levels. The Ft3 is most affected by taking meds before a blood draw... SINCE your MD didn't bother with an Ft3/T3 you should be able to get an idea where you stand by your Ft4 level.

October 2008- Synthroid 88mcgs & Cytomel 12mcgs
TSH- 0.35
FT4- 0.71 (0.58- 1.64) You are 12.2 % of normal here. You need more synthroid. I can not tell about the cytomel. You need a FT3 test result to determine where you lie in that regard. But the fact your TSH is dropping to zero is a good sign that your actual T3 levels may be climbing.

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