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Re: Constant shortnes of breath!!

I've been going through this for about 8-9 months now... it is hell... I can't stand it.

I've been told it's anxiety, too. Mine, unfortunately, isn't helped by sitting, laying down, or anything. It's constant; just always there.

If I'm not thinking about it, I'll randomly start... I probably think about it most of the day now, but didn't use to. When I run, it's especially bad!

I've been prescribed Effexor, which I haven't tried, because I don't believe myself to require antidepressants when I'm not even depressed!

I've got a girlfriend, a happy home, etc... so I don't know why I'd be anxious. >.< I wish I knew what I could do to get rid of it...

I'm sorry my post has nothing helpful in it, but I've gone through a lot of those tests with nothing showing up either... it's ridiculous. Leads me to believe it's 100% anxiety, but... it's still at the back of my mind that it's not. -.-;

You're not alone!