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Re: Anyone with Chronic idiopathic nausea?

Originally Posted by Bungee3006 View Post
Hi guys. This is my first time posting, Im looking for people with chronic idiopathic nausea. Having recently been "diagnosed" after 3 years of terrible sympotoms, Im looking for others with this disorder. I can find barely any information online, and it seems that there are no recognised treatment plans. Just trial and error.
Its not strictly a digestive disorder, but with the symptom being nausea, I guess this is the board that would most closely fit.
I am taking:
Amitryplinine (with the hope it can prevent the nausea)
Metoclopramide (to eleviate symptoms)
Zofran (for a rescue remedy for bad nausea)

Anyone else going through this? And how are you managing your symptoms?
Wow, came across your post while researching chronic nausea and will be checking back from time to time to see what everyone has to say. I have had chronic nausea mainly since sept. 2008, following a CAT scan. Wondering if anyone else can date the beginning of their nausea to a medical test, in this case involving radioactive iodine. I am now afraid to have any test like this. I did have nausea following kidney surgery (benign tumor) in Jan 2008, went away after about a week (ondasetron helped enormously--not sure of spelling). This current nausea reminds me exactly of that. All day, no let up, always the same, no vomiting, nothing helps, no food correlation, sometimes food makes it a bit better (cause I'm hungry!), other times I feel worse after food, no dizziness. (sorry, hit the submit before i was done)
Wanted to add that dr. is mystified, prescribed Protonix, strong antacid type drug, that does not help. I take over the counter ranitidine at times. Dr. tending toward brain problem, will probably recommend brain scan next visit, but I am doubtful, feel like it's esophogeal but dread a gi or endoscopy test cause I feel like that type of thing triggered it to begin with. Anyone had an endoscopy and how was it? Thanks for listen,sorry for rambling.

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