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Wink Re: My Recent PPH Surgery Experience

Here's my story if it helps anyone out:

I'm 42, in great health, very active, but started having "issues" with hemm's in my early 30's. They got progressively worse as I approached my late 30's to the point where I went to see a specialist. I had the traditional banding done at that time twice, with some improvement. Later, they came back in force and about 2 years ago I tried that technique again with no luck.

Last year I went back a third time and again did 2 more bandings with no positive gains again. (in fact for the first time ever they came back and I was unable to move them back inside-that was in Nov 08) This January my doctor suggested PPH.

After reading for hours on the traditional surgery, I decided to skip that horror and try this first. The surgery was set for the 14th of January 09.

The day before I was instructed to start drinking some stuff called go lightly (which you don't by any stretch of the imagination). You had to start at noon and drink 8 oz's every 10 minutes until the gallon was gone. That was NOT easy. But, I did it and was thoroughly cleaned out.

The next day I went in for the surgery. It took the techs there several attempts but finally they got the IV thing going. That sucked. My doctor came by and gave me the basics of what to expect. (he's a specialist's by the way here in Tucson, highly recommended) He was very cool and put me at ease. That's mostly all I remember until it was complete.

I woke up afterwords VERY thirsty and hungry and coughing like crazy. I felt horrible. I received some crackers and ice. Within an hour or so I was a little better. My brother came to pick me up and we headed home.

The car ride wasn't too bad, surprisingly my *** wasn't all that sore. I just felt kinda sick from the anesthesia I think. The surgery was at 11, and finished about 12. So it was around 3 i think when we got to his house. I slept till around 5 rather comfortably. I was again starving when I woke up and had a bunch of jello and even some boiled chicken. (I actually ate a lot the first couple of days) That night was mostly uneventful, I took a vicoden I was prescribed but the pain wasn't too bad at all.

The next day I went back to my own house and pretty early in the day had my first movement. It wasn't bad. (then again they've been pretty awful for a while with my several large hemm's blocking the doorway) I did feel pretty gassy most of that day and really for a week afterwards. I found pretty quick that I would need a pill after each one cause I felt pretty sore. I took long warm showers which helped a ton. (and still do) That became pretty much my daily routine for the next week, have a movement, take a pill and soak. Each day began to get slowly better. Less discomfort and eventually less pain medication.

I'm 10 days out now and I take maybe 1 vicaden a day. I still soak afterwards but the "throbbing" that was there from day one is much less prominent.

I've been doing long dog walks since around the 3rd day and plan on riding my bicycle today for the first time. I feel pretty good over-all and the roids that wouldn't go back in are in there and not coming out now when I go. If it can stay like this for even a year I would say this was a successful undertaking. The surgery wasn't too bad and so far things are better. I'll post an update soon.