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Re: Long time in bthrm but not constipated

oh, I get plenty of fiber as every kind of starch I have has whole grains--LOTS of water and 2 tbsp. Metamucil every night. I do have a diagnosed internal hemorrhoid so that could attribute to it. The latest thing I have barely begun to try is Aloe Vera Juice with the hope of healing the hemorrhoid or at least moving things along.

I would like to ask you if that few minutes is several times a day or once? I suspect that people do not really empty themselves when they are that fast and are the ones that often have to go to public restrooms to go some more after they eat. I would hate to use a public bathroom for #2 as don't want to gag anyone. So the long time is better than feeling like I have to go again anytime during the day. But still I would like to be a little quicker (I'm tired of pretending like I'm soaking in the tub when I go on overnight visits....).